Peter Szabo has been working online for several years, It’s been a goal of his not to work too hard, though.

In fact, he reports he has been getting “$900 Paydays From 30 Minutes of Work Per Day.” He does it by selling affiliate products and CPA leads.

He has been perfecting his techniques and a while back he created The Easiest Money Ever to show how it’s done.

After repeated updates, he has just released the third generation of The Easiest Money Ever.

Szabo has created instructions for his process that are both step-by-step and to-the-point, simple enough for a beginner and creative enough that even a seasoned marketer will find something new in this training.

With Szabo’s approach, you don’t need:
• A website,
• A mailing list,
• A product of your own,
• Much money to invest in your business

If “simple” appeals to you and if “making money online” sounds good to you, take a look at what Peter has created here: The Easiest Money Ever.