Celebrities are here to stay. Many people feel an affinity with a favorite and follow all the goings-on in their lives.

Gossip magazines and blogs are highly popular because of people’s attraction to celebrity.

This attraction offers marketers a chance to create apps that share the news people are eager for, and earn a good sum for doing it. If, only, you know how.

In How to Make Money with Apps, you will find the keys to this lucrative business:
• What is an app (under the covers) and how can it get made by someone non-technical)?
• What are the best kind of celebrity apps to create?
• How do you choose a celebrity to build your app for?
• What tools and strategy are best for building a new app?
• How do you outsource the technical work at low cost?
• How do you publish it and get sales?

And, of course, there are ways to make your apps pay you even after people download them, and this is covered too.

There’s a lot of potential for profitable apps. Find out more, and get your copy of this training here: How to Make Money with Apps.

PS: I recommend paging down (i.e., skipping) past the first screen of this WSO since it has no useful information and has some unwelcome sexual innuendo.

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