Gavin McLelland knows that every online marketer hopes to turn visitors into Subscribers. So he built 8 conversion tools and combined them into a WordPress olugin he calls WP Generation Plugin.

To do that, you need to get the visitor’s attention with your offer of a subscription. These 8 tools make it easy to stop visitors and get them to take action.

These tools can create:
POPUP BOX An unblockable lightbox popup box.

SLIDING PANEL Panel slide in from top, bottom, left or right. Use for special offers, combine with Popup Boxes.

HEADER BAR Various types of header bars in fixed position on top of the page.

FOOTER BAR Various types of footer bars in fixed position at the bottom of the page.

SIDEBAR BOX 4 different opt-in boxes for your sidebar

IN-POST OPT-IN An opt-in box anywhere in your posts and pages

SPECIAL BOXES Fancy contact form and more

EXIT POPUP Unblockable exit popup box

HEYBAR AND SKYBOX Sky Box looks like Skype notification. Hey Bar looks a popular Header Bar.

Don’t use them all in one site. Experiment; find which works best for you. All have been effective in some situations.

And that’s just the beginning. There are several bonuses worth the investment on their own. You can see them al here: WP Generation Plugin.

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