BJ Min started selling affiliate products on Clickbank several years ago. He reports that for multiple years, now, he has been making six figures a year with just YouTube traffic.

Video Commissions is his personal traffic and monetization strategy using YouTube videos. He has been using this strategy to make a comfortable living selling products listed on Clickbank.

Min has created over 1000 YouTube videos in multiple niches. This real-life experience of successful YouTube/video marketing qualifies him to teach his top secrets so that his students who follow his methods can have success online, too.

In his years of video creation and experimentation, Min found out what YouTube strategies worked to get traffic. The process was to get a lot of views by ranking his YouTube videos at the top of the Google and at the top of YouTube, too.

If you use your videos to promote evergreen products, not just “flash in the pan” product launches, Min says you will find that you do the work once and then get long-term, consistent traffic from your YouTube videos month after month, and the result is sales month after month.

This approach works for beginners, too, because it is easy to understand and implement.

After you apply Video Commissions to affiliate sales, you can apply it to your own products, to webinars, and more.

Find out more about this new marketing strategy here: Video Commissions.

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