Simon Greenhalgh and Steve Benn have just released a new version of Total Video Takeover, revised for 2014.

Finally, it is now possible to create videos without having to spend thousands of dollars on expensive equipment and software. If you have been reading IM NewsWatch for the past few months, you have seen a lot of video tools being announced.

Instant Video Templates V2
Easy Sketch Pro

But the key question is whether creating videos and displaying them on YouTube actually means they will be seen.

To make sure you get traffic to your videos, you need them to rank high when people search for your keywords. Total Video Takeover aims to move your videos near the top, or maybe even at the top.

Greenhalgh and Benn say they have worked long and hard testing a lot of methods to get their videos ranked. Some they found themselves; others they got from their friends who had experimented and worked out a technique that helps rank.

Not everything they tried panned out, but they ones that did, they included in this new training.

Almost all the latest video tools are video creation tools, not ranking tools. That’s why they created this training. And if you do have a video ranking tool, this will help you get the most out of it.

In this powerful but ‘to the point’ mini-course you will discover:
■ How to quickly and easily create high quality, expert videos and become an instant authority in any niche (Even if you have absolutely no knowledge of the topic)
■ How to use Google Hangouts on Air to take advantage of little-known traffic techniques and dominate Google and YouTube rankings
■ How to repurpose your videos to generate stable and ever increasing traffic from across the internet, ensuring your business is immune to ‘slaps’ since you won’t be relying on a single traffic source
■ How to easily implement advanced, cutting-edge SEO techniques that will ensure that you are always one step ahead of your competition

To keep these methods from becoming over-worked and diluted, Greenhalgh and Benn are selling to only a few people by limiting the time they are selling this training.

So you have just 2 days to get a copy (and it costs about $7, although the price is rising), here: Total Video Takeover.

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