IM NewsWatch has taken Overnight Rankings to The Proving Ground. This a report of our findings.

If you want to have marketing success, the basic principle successful marketers use is “enter into the conversation in your audience’s mind.”

In a chapter titled “Minds Don’t Change”, in his book, The New Positioning, Jack Trout gives example after example of marketing campaigns that were intended to change the way people think. Most multi-million dollar campaigns taking this approach were failures.

Solo entrepreneurs and small businesses can’t afford multi-million dollar failures. So we had better find out what potential customers already believe they need and then give it to them.

Keyword research is an attempt to probe the minds of customers and by finding out what they are searching for, determine what they are interested in.

The new training on this topic, bny Doug Parsons, is called Overnight Rankings.

The title of this training is provocative, and a bit hyperbolic. It looks toward the end result of its training, not the content of the training. This is a course on keyword research for marketing online.

This printable training how to use free tools for keyword research research. Some you may have heard of; perhaps others will be new to you.

While there is some fluff in the course, there is also a good bit of substance, including detailed instructions for using the tools introduced. If you are new to keyword research, this will get you started on the right path.

The disadvantage is the cost. Parsons seems to be raising the price daily, or perhaps, more frequently. If you really need this information, you may be willing to pay the price.

It’s worth noting that the approach Parsons explains avoids buying expensive research software (he says such software isn’t much better than you can do on your own) so maybe you will find the price worthwhile in light of the software cost avoidance.

Proving Ground verdict: IMNW Approved, but expensive.

If you need to understand keyword research better, you can learn more about it here: Overnight Rankings.

Please Note: This is intended to be an unbiased review. Nevertheless, IM NewsWatch may receive a commission if you buy using the link in this article.

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