If you’re like most of our readers, you have received dozens of affiliate emails promoting VideoJacker. On Monday, we got 29, along with a similar number since then.

Why such a big interest among affiliates? Well, it’s powerful software that makes it easy to copy another website and then tweak your copy and call it your own.

Affiliates thought their audiences would lap it up (with nice commissions for them.) These affiliates were right; people did buy a lot of copies of VideoJacker, nearly 2000.

The grand opening sale ends today at 9:00 PM EDT. So, if you want it, this is your last chance at this price. We haven’t promoted it because of its potential for misuse. It’s kind of like a gun, which can be used to defend yourself or to commit a crime.

If someone has authority to copy the “jacked” site, this will do so without delay, and that’s good. However, if someone wants to take someone else’s website (which is their intellectual property and the fruit of their labor), this tool will do that quickly and easily, too.

Because IM NewsWatch is the news site of record for the internet marketing industry, we felt we had to at least mention this major release.

If you use it for copying your own or your clients’ sites, you will have a powerful tool that will save you hours of work.

You can discover its power (and its moral hazards) here: VideoJacker.

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