Lina Trivedi has just released new software (called WordBotic) that will help you write articles and posts in only 10% of the time it used to take.

You create the outline of the article (or even of a book) by simply filling in blanks in the questionnaire this web-based software presents. Then it fills in the content for you. Then you simply review the article it creates. Use it as is, or add a personal story, an interesting fact or two or other tidbit, just to personalize the article, And you’re all done.

This whole process requires you to write about 100 words. In a few moments, it creates approximately 5000 words in an article.that will be unique to you and will make sense to a reader. (There’s a “Lite” version that will create an article of up to 1500 words if you aren’t interested in writing books.)

It’s worth emphasizing that this article (or book) is not just for search engines; it’s for real people interested in your topic.

What topic, you ask? Just about any topic you can think of.

Trivedi says she is filing a patent on the technology she invented and that is the foundation of this software. She calls this technology Swap Option Compiling Technology. The software takes the information you provide in the outline and compiles it with over 2500 variables using an algorithm that generates sentences based on commonly used English sentence structures.

Today only, she is running a sale on this powerful software. She says that Thursday morning, the price will jump. Find out more here: WordBotic.