Infographics are all the rage in marketing today. These colorful graphics convey information in a more attention-grabbing way than plain text ever can.

You can pay a freelance artist to create an infographic for you, but due to the complexity of infographics, a lot of back-and-forth communication will be needed to end up with a result you feel good about. But there is another way.

Bertranddo has come out with his latest product, software he calls Infographics Presence. It is a web-based toolkit that lets you create sophisticated infographics by dragging and dropping stylish graphic elements and text.

The system lets you experiment (with unlimited undos, for example) and make as many info graphics as you choose. Then save them in the server for later reuse or modification.

If you are a consultant or a freelancer, you can sell your services or your finished designs to your clients or on, and elsewhere.

And you don’t have to be an artist to do all this. The tools makes it simple.

Watch the demo, read about all the benefits, and get your membership in this service here: Infographics Presence.

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