Michael Harris struggled with getting his YouTube videos ranked so he could increase his traffic (and ultimately his sales.)

Then he realized that not only does Google own YouTube; it also owns Google+ Hangouts, and by using the Hangouts along with YouTube, he could quickly improve the ranking of his videos.

In his new Tube Ranking Secrets, Harris shows you exactly how to shortcut your way to better video rankings by using Google Hangouts. He has created a simple 5-step method that anyone can follow to improve your video’s rank.

He says this shortcut to higher rankings in is 100% foolproof. Once you see how easy this process is, you will use Hangouts for all your videos.

Here is what you get in this Tube Ranking Secrets training;
• 2 sections on how to select the right video from your computer and turn it into a powerful Hangout
• 2 sections on naming your Hangout Video, adjusting your settings, and playing your video through Hangouts
• 1 section on editing your video for the best performance

Google can help you influence influence its Opinion of your videos. Check it out here: Tube Ranking Secrets.

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