These days there are people (and some entire companies) surfing the web seeking money by “legally” stealing it from websites that don’t have proper legal documents published.

They could claim you stole content from them. They could claim you are preying on children, etc.

There are dozens of scams they can use, each of them potentially ruinous for you and your site.

Not only that. Tthe government could also come after you for violating Federal Trade Commission regulations.

Your bank account at risk. But even more, your entire company is at risk. If a hacker misuses your site to create mischief for other people, you can be blamed. The government can look to you to correct the problems caused by crooks.

Your first line of defense is the set of warnings you display for visitors, your “legal pages.”

Instant Legal Pages is the newest, and it may be the easiest, solution for creating 9 legal documents that all websites need:
• Privacy policy
• Terms of use
• Disclaimer
• Copyright notice
• Anti-spam policy
• FTC compliance
• Social media disclosure
• Refund policy

With Instant Legal Pages, you can create all 9 documents in less than a minute. All you have to do is insert your business details in the software and turn it loose.. Using it is so simple that even a non-technical beginner can complete the 3 steps.

The pages created by this Windows software can be used both on HTML sites and on WordPress sites.

Instant Legal Pages is available in developer’s version and a resell rights version. Choose the one that fits your needs. Consult an attorney if in doubt about your site’s needs.

The price is rising in a dime sale, so don’t delay. Get your copy now: Instant Legal Pages.

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