When things go wrong for a customer, they most want your attention and caring. How you respond to their help requests can make the difference between losing a sale and making a customer for life.

Andrew Hunter has built Sonic Reply to assure that you can promptly and efficiently address problems customers care about most.

When you handle the customer concerns and complaints quickly and effectively, people learn that you can be trusted and they tend to stick around your business, and when they need something else, they tend to turn to you.

Sonic Reply creates a help desk ticket system so you never lose track of a customer concern. or forget to respond to it.

This system organizes all your tickets into meaningful categories, track each ticket to completion and even provides you analytics so you will know where the weaknesses in your business.

It does all this by:
• Building the web pages you need for automating ticket flow, customer pages and back-office pages.
• Opening tickets, assigning them to your selected staff member and when the time comes closing them
• Supporting your response either on the support site or via email, and tracking the response either way
• Easily installing; it’s a WordPress plugin, so you just add it to your WP website.
• Adapting to any screen size since it’s responsive (both for your customers and for the back-end pages you and your staff will use).

That’s just the beginning of what Sonic Reply can do for you. You need to check the sales page for more.

And you don’t have to pay a monthly fee; just a single low investment, and it it’s yours for life.

You can get all the details and get your copy here while the sale lasts: Sonic Reply.

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