We just heard from Dan Kennedy that Launch Day for his Make Them Buy Now System and Toolkit is less than two days away.

In preparation for the launch, Kennedy has released his first Make Them Buy training video with remarkable underground content.

As Kennedy always does, he, along with his partner, Dave Dee, has created a video with some incredible insights you won’t get anywhere else.

There are reasons people don’t want to buy and reasons they do buy. People today are suspicious of websites, emails and other sales tools. They read whatever they get, looking for reasons not to buy what you are offering. After all, they’d rather keep their money than give it to you.

Marketing legend Dan Kennedy knows that and knows how to overcome that reluctance. He’s made a science of not only refusing to take “No” for an answer, but also discovering the secrets to making customers happily say “Yes” instead.

He understands the unconscious “mental triggers” we marketers have to activate to make a reluctant prospect suddenly eager to pull out a credit card.

This information can be powerful in the right hands. It’s the kind of information some businesses would pay tens of thousands of dollars for. Successful marketers are able to influence the part of the brain that decides whether or not to buy. If you can directly influence that decision-making process can be worth millions to your business.

Now you can get that multi-million dollar info, and it’s free. In the first of a series of free videos, Dan reveals the 7 Secrets of Writing Mind Control Copy. You’ll be as impressed as I was when I got a sneak peek.

Take a few minutes and watch this:

Dan Kennedy’s Mind Control Sales Secrets
When it comes to the psychology of selling, Kennedy is top-notch. He has worked at it for decades, and now he’s going to share the fruit of his research with you. No strings attached.

You will find it well worth a few minutes of concentration on what he says to gain access to his underground knowledge.

An opportunity to learn from Kennedy, at no charge, doesn’t come along often. His usual clients pay him $Thousands to gain his insights. So, again, take a few minutes and listen to what he has to say. You won’t regret it.

Just check out this video to find out these Mind Control Sales Secrets: Make Them Buy training video 1.

BTW, this is only the beginning of Kennedy’s free training. Three more videos will be coming in the next few days with even more of Kennedy’s secret information. These aren’t infomercials. All of them are about plain information that you need to know in order to sell more, make more and build a successful career.

Remember, there are reasons people don’t want to buy – and reasons they do. Kennedy dissects these attitudes in Make Them Buy training video 1.

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