Lance calls himself Warrior2008 because he joined the Warrior Forum in August 2008. He has been creating Warrior Special Offers (“WSOs”) for some time since then. Now, he offers you a surprising “all you can eat” bundle he calls WSOs for Life.

For about $10, he is offering two of his current WSOs, training on posting WSOs and all the future WSOs he ever creates.

We don’t know how many WSOs he will create in the future, of course, so just consider what he is giving you today, and treat the future WSOs as a bonus.

Today, he is offering you:
• “Newspaper Profits”, a WSO on how to use newspaper ads for gather leads and earn income
• “Deadly WSO”, he sold 832 copies for around $10 each. It shows how to profit from creating WSOs, including how to use “WarriorPlus + Pro” software, created by Mike Lantz, that he uses to post his WSOs quickly.
• A video showing how he earned over $200,000 with one secret
• Email access to him for questions

All this, plus a membership in his WSO private club, where he posts his WSOs for you to pick up at no additional cost once you get this offer.

The price is rising, but you can still get all this for about $10.

There’s also a “VIP” version of his offer, for about $7 more, that also includes:
• Skype access to him for asking questions
• Personal coaching on launching WSOs
• His “250K a Year Business Ideas” training
• Early notice of his upcoming launches so you can become his affiliate.

To avoid the price increase, go here now: WSOs for Life.

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