Doug Yuschalk, the creator, calls it “The Most Important, Vital, and Valuable Plugin Every WordPress Site”. Perhaps we must forgive a little parental pride, but he does have a point.

This plugin creates the critical information every site needs, because the search engines are looking for it, and the Federal Trade Commission also expects every site to have it.

The official name for the plugin is YMYL, which stands for Your Money or Your Life. The idea is that web pages affecting people’s money or their life (such as health information) are held to a high standard of consumer protection. This plugin aims to raise your site to that high standard, whether or not it deals with major life issues.

This plugin builds your:
• Footer, with links to the critical pages on your site
• All your contact and legal pages (15 pages in all)
• The Robots.txt file
• The site map
• Automated copyright information

This may be your easiest way ever to avoid Google slaps, lawsuits and FTC “cease and desist” orders.

Besides the plugin, you get 18 popular Google fonts that you can use anywhere to spice up your site.

The plugin for marketers who want to sleep peacefully. Get it here: YMYL.

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