For better or worse, the Warrior Forum is a major force among small businesses and individuals that do internet marketing. Thousands of people visit each day, many of them explicitly go there to find tools and training to help them do a better job of selling on the internet.

That means that the Warrior Special Offers section of the forum is a fertile ground for finding buyers fo training and tools to help people market better. Some very successful offers (not the average, but the best selling) have brought in over $100,000 in the course of a week or two. The top seller brought in over $500,000.

So one might think that it’s easy to earn money by creating WSOs. It’s possible, but it’s not easy. You need to do everything right to make good money. Some people have not earned enough to pay for the advertising.

It is this potential and the risk of failure that led HP Jeschke to create his new guide on How to build you list and earn a profit from WSOs.

Jeschke has “been there; done that.” He says that creating a good WSO and marketing it well is the easiest way to earn a living on the internet.

In fact, Jeschke says that, using WSOs, he got paid $110,059 for the WSOs and at the same time, he built a list of 11,065 his buyers.

This buyers list was valuable for his long-term business since they were interested in his products and had demonstrated they were interested enough to spend their money, so they were likely to spend money again.

He will show you:
• Where and how to research your audience’s needs
• Case studies of successful and unsuccessful WSOs
• How to create your product (including where to find outsourced workers)
• When to publish your WSO
• How to get feedback, comments and reviews
• How to get your WSO recognized as a “WSO of the Day” and as a “JVZoo Top Pick”

In addition to these important marketing hints in printable form, you get videos analyzing the case studies of good and bad WSOs.

You also are getting a helpful checklist for what you need to do so you don’t forget anything in the heat of the moment of launch.

Last, you will get a list of 50 super affiliates you can invite to help you promote your product.

Get all this, plus a 100% satisfaction guarantee here: How to build you list and earn a profit from WSOs.

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