Ranking your site comes down to the quality and quantity of your backlinks. Clearly, the anchor text for your backlinks affects quality, but there’s such a thing as over-optimized anchor text. Natural links have a variety of anchor text; links to your site need to have the variety, too.

For example, if your site has 100 backlinks, and 50 of them say ‘best coffee maker’, Google isn’t going to rank you for ‘best coffee maker’. That’s not natural, and it screams “fake backlinks”.

The backlink profile of a natural authority site is much more along the lines of 90%+ branded (i.e. Website name, URL etc.) with the rest being made up of various keywords in the anchor text.

Chris Munch has found a way to get a lot of useful backlinks for your site, ones that don’t raise any red flags, and he is sharing the process with us in his new product being released at 8 AM EDT today, SkyRanker.

This is important since finding places to get those branded backlinks to boost your natural authority is tricky. You want to stay away from black hat methods that can get you banned. Munch says the process in SkyRanker is completely white hat so you are safe.

And he reports that you can use SkyRanker to get 200+ backlinks in only 48 hours, and these are high-quality links that will have a positive effect on your site’s authority.

Even better, you can put the process in motion to build these backlinks in only 15 minutes. The software takes over and handles everything from there.

Here’s how to get 200+ White Hat Backlinks and do it quickly: SkyRanker.

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