At 11:00 EDT, Richard Fairbairn releases his new domain name research software, Instant Domain Sniper.

It researches expired domain names in seconds. Infact, Fairbairn says that what would take you 20 hours to do manually, it will do in 20 seconds.

Expired domains can be a big boost to your websites. The search engines already know them, and some of them already have lots of backlinks, which can bring you instant traffic.

Instant Domain Sniper will help you find the expired domain names that are ready to be bought for a small domain registration fee, and it will find the ones with the best potential.

And what useful bonuses IM NewsWatch has arranged for you. Take a look here: IM NewsWatch Bonuses for Instant Domain Sniper.

Get it at the lowest possible price starting at 11, here: Instant Domain Sniper.

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