YouTube, the world’s largest (by far) video repository has its advantages, but it has its dangers, as well.

With YouTube as your video host, you aren’t in control of your video’s destiny; YouTube is. That means that you are subject to its decisions. And it can delete your video or your whole account full of videos in the blink of an eye.

It is useful in some contexts, but is is a shaky foundation to build a business on.

Better to trust a video host that you control. Amazon S3 is a better platform for the videos you want to last more than a day or two. It gives you a lot of control and it costs are low and likely to get lower. Amazon has reduced the costs multiple times. They probably can squeeze even more cost out.

To get your videos onto Amazon S3 is a challenge, though, and then playing them from S3 is another. That’s why Todd Gross and Shawn Pringle have just released Todd Gross’s Video Marketing Publisher+ Social.

This new software conquers S3 and makes it easy to play videos on your site with no dependence on YouTube.

With this software, you can:
• Create interactive videos that you start playing to get a person’s interest and then pause until someone opts-in or shares the video.
• Do video forwarding to your website when the video ends
• Have automatic play multiple videos at once
• Display a video on any kind of website (not just WordPress sites) with a wide variety of player shapes, sizes, and types and many other features.
• And you only pay once, not every month.

And it gets even better. Todd Gross’s Video Marketing Publisher+ Social includes Facebook integration so your interactive videos play right inside your news feed or anyone else’s, for that matter.

By the way, you can save a few dollars by getting the version without Facebook integration, but why would you when Facebook is so critical to marketing these days?

For early adopters, there’s a special bonus, at no extra cost: developer rights; play videos on your own site and on client sites with Todd Gross’s Video Marketing Publisher+ Social.

Unfortunately, time is critical, because the price is rising. You can get it is the best possible price right now. Tomorrow it may be higher. They have already raised the price a couple of times.

You have have heard of other video players; you may have even bought some, but it’s worth checking out this new one. It has advantages never before seen. Get it here: Todd Gross’s Video Marketing Publisher+ Social.

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