IM NewsWatch has taken Full-time Passive Profits to The Proving Ground. This a report of our findings.

Internet marketer, Phillip McGough says he has found he can make a full-time living from working only an hour or less a day, and letting his marketing system do the rest of the work for him.

He uses email as his primary marketing tool, although he uses other tools as well. He reports, “after you’ve established a sizable Email subscriber list, all you need to do is write a single email per day, which can take anything between 10 and 30 minutes, to make a full time living.”

In Full-time Passive Profits, he shows you how it can be done. This is a substantial e-book (over 60 pages) that details his process.

He starts at the beginning, building a mailing list and setting up an autoresponder to manage it.

He then goes into the “care and feeding” of your list; how to make sure people on your list find it worth their time to open and read yours emails.

And, from your perspective, the most important topic he covers probably is how to “monetize” your list by promoting products that will bring in revenue for you.

He goes beyond the “call of duty” in going beyond pure email marketing to talk about creating a product and then selling it through affiliates and other means.

The first part of the training is primarily for beginners, but as the book progresses, more and more advanced topics are discussed.

By the time he finishes, there’s something for almost everyone. At least intermediate marketers, while they will already know a lot, will find something of value and won’t feel they have wasted their money.

The main disadvantage of this training is that there is no Table of Contents or Index to let you quickly return to a topic of interest. Perhaps the author can add one.

Proving Ground verdict: IMNW Approved.

If you are interested in this training, you can get a copy here: Full-time Passive Profits.

Please Note: This is intended to be an unbiased review. Nevertheless, IM NewsWatch may receive a commission if you buy using the link in this article.

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