If your videos aren’t bringing you enough sales, perhaps you need advice from an acknowledged expert like Mike Stewart.

In Video Secrets Unleashed, Matt Bacak spends 2 hours grilling Stewart to find out what it takes to have a winning video strategy.

There’s a lot of opportunity with video because the public loves good videos; the average person in the US, for example, spends 20 hours per month watching them.

In Video Secrets Unleashed, you get the advantage of Stewart’s 15 years of making online podcasts and videos.

This interview shares 32 tips, insights, strategies and tactics to make your videos better, more watched., and more sales- generating.

They cover everything from script-writing to equipment to file formats to use. This gets you started on the right track.

They include this training in 3 formats, so you can take your choice: Video, audio and printable PDF.

Get it all, for under $9 (but the price is rising) here: Video Secrets Unleashed.

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