Google has stringent rules about what is worth giving a high rank in the search results, and getting more stringent daily. Many careless marketers were shocked to discover that the careless content creation habits they had gotten used to no longer work.

On the other hand, if you know just what Google is looking for, and give it to them, then your site can be a winner in the “search engine sweepstakes”.

The problem is that creating good, unique content isn’t easy (or lat least it hasn’t been easy.) But suppose you were able to create high-ranking sites, filled with useful, rich-media content. And suppose you could schedule this content to be posted on auto-pilot, whenever you choose.

Might not that change your content creation process, by producing good content with a lot less work?

And suppose, further, that you could monetize that content by inserting your affiliate links to Clickbank, Amazon or Commission Junction products with just a few clicks. Wouldn’t that dramatically improve your marketing success?

Sean Donahoe has just released a new content creation (and monetization) tool for marketers, called Rapid Content Wizards Lightning Edition.

It can automate your creation of new, never before seen, content so that you can produce a post or article in under 10 minutes, complete with monetization, graphics and even a YouTube video for good measure.

This is is the second edition (new and improved edition) of last year’s fascinating content creation tool. It is not a typical content curation tool that let’s you pull in an article snippet and wrap your commentary around it. This does something much more radical. It lets you choose individual sentences and paragraphs from around the web and weave them into a brand new article.

Donahoe has prepared a short video that shows you exactly how you can do all of this and be set up in under 5 minutes:

Rapid Content Wizards Lightning Edition can supercharge your SEO efforts. What’s more, it’s Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird safe, and is likely to stay safe for the foreseeable future.

It’s flexible and can produce content for many purposes. Ant’s easy to use:
• Creates content with drag and drop easy (or fully automated content, if you prefer)
• Posts content automatically to your websites
• Provides monetization and commissions streams at the click of a button
• Automatically integrates images, videos and more
• Promotes your new content automatically
• Posts directly to Facebook Pages, Timelines and Groups
• Builds silos on you site, loaded with Content

The silo campaign creation tools are especially powerful.

Rapid Content Wizards Lightning Edition is currently on pre-launch pricing and is significantly discounted right now, but the price will be rising soon.

So, don’t wait until the price doubles; go here to check it out: Rapid Content Wizards Lightning Edition.

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