Attractive infographics are real attention getters. They are used by news organizations, corporations and, increasingly, by small marketing businesses. Understanding how to use them can provide a big boost for your business (or for your clients’ businesses.)

Doug Parsons has put together a comprehensive manual (called Epic Infographics) on how to use infographics in marketing; things like:
• When do infographics help sales and when do they flop
• What does it take for an infographic to go viral
• Where to find the data for your infographic
• How to organize the data for your infographic
• How to use color effectively in your infographic
• And lots more, too.

This is almost like a course in graphic design schools, condensed into a convenient, low-cost e-book.

Infographics attract favorable attention from search engines, information seekers and bloggers. They can go viral and bring long-term value to a poorly performing site.

Get your complete introduction to marketing infographics here: Epic Infographics.

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