Matt Bacak has been an e-mail marketer for over 10 years, and he sends out thousands upon thousands of e-mails every day. He has tested and tuned his process over and over, because he was looking for the best ways to use e-mail to run a business.

You can get the benefit of his experience, his testing and his expensive self-education on how to use e-mail most effectively in his new training, 47 Ways To Increase Your Open Rates and Clicks.

The average marketer misses a lot of the opportunity for improved results by overlooking a few simple improvements that can make a big difference in their results.

In this video training. Bacak identifies 47 Ways To Increase Your Open Rates and Clicks, ways that have worked for him.

For example, did you know that there are words and phrases that some marketers naively use that are actually “turn offs” for their potential customers? Bacak identified 50 of them and warns that you should never use them in your sales material, especially not in your headlines.

Have you heard of “spam scores”? They indicate how likely an e-mail service provider is to call your message spam, and re-direct it to a customer’s spam folder, where it may never get seen. Bacak warns you about how to deal with spam filters.

Bacak also explains how to promote affiliate offers so that your emails get opened and so you actually make money.

Do you know how to protect your inbox delivery with rotating links? Bacak shows you how.

In 47 Ways To Increase Your Open Rates and Clicks, you are getting some of the most eye-opening, insightful tips for improving your e-mail marketing.

The price is rising, but it’s still unfer $10. get it here: 47 Ways To Increase Your Open Rates and Clicks.

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