How much do people spend online to buy the exercise and fitness products they’re looking for?

Just look around. Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand, where spend spend $billions on fitness equipment, diets, books, DVDs and gym memberships to get rid of fat or stay in shape every year.

More and more, the rest of the world is also getting involved in the sports craze, too.

We all want to look and feel better. We either try to stay fit or to get fit by shedding pounds and building muscle.

People who are passionate about fitness, running, cycling, hunting & fishing spend a lot of money to pursue their fitness dreams and goals.

Now, the affiliate provisioner known as Coolice has developed a turnkey store you can use to build your own online sports store to quickly build a business in any of the many sub-niches of the sports niche.

He calls his new WordPress site that you can clone, SportsClone. It lets you build an Amazon affiliate store in less than a day

You can build up a clientele for your store so you can sell your buyers multiple products and services and even pull-in residual and recurring commissions.

There’s room for every marketer to do well because the sports industry is one of the largest marketplaces. Affiliate marketing beginners and veterans can all compete and build an online business.

You may get the best results if you focus on a sub-niche (there are many) where competition is very low or even nonexistent.

SportsClone is a complete solution to establish yourself in this extremely profitable niche by creating a stunning store that comes with thousands of products all earning you money.

Your store is completely automated and you won’t have to update anything. The software pulls fresh information from Amazon regularly and automatically.

With SportsClone you can sell the latest and most popular sports products for men, women and children of all ages in hundreds of categories and brands.

Each of the products in your store comes with multiple video reviews, product images and detailed description pulled from Amazon. This rich informative product data will give your site a professional look so you can sell more.

Set your site up in minutes and start making sales right away. SportsClone makes it practical for you, perhaps for the first time.

It’s important to recall that Coolice will probably only keep SportsClone at $37 for a few days, and then raise the price to $67, almost double. He has usually done this in the past, and we can expect he will do it again.

Today is day 5 of his count-down. Don’t risk paying $67, go here now so you can get your copy for just $37: SportsClone.