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Thursday, June 20, 2024

‘Which Search Engines Deliver the Most Engaged Visitors?’ – ‘MarketingProfs’ Blog

Ayaz Nanji says, “, Bing, and Yahoo drive far fewer consumers to publishers’ websites than Google, but visitors who arrive via those three search engines tend to stay longer during visits and view more pages, and they are less likely to exit after reading only one page, according to a recent analysis by Shareaholic. Below, key findings from the report, which was based on organic search traffic data collected over six months (December 2013 to May 2014) from the sites of 300,000+ publishers reaching an audience of more than 400 million monthly unique visitors. Engagement The... [...]

‘An Interview With Joe Pulizzi On Content Marketing’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Arnie Kuenn says, “Content marketing as a strategy has gained lots of steam over the past few years, though it isn’t exactly a new concept. But long before content marketing became an everyday term among marketers, Joe Pulizzi knew its importance. Seven years ago, he founded what is now Content Marketing Institute, a website dedicated to all things content marketing, including practical how-tos and insight from industry leaders. Recently, I had the pleasure of discussing all things content marketing with Joe, including the challenges marketers face, the future of content marketing and... [...]

‘Google Confirms the Importance of PR in SEO’ – ‘Business 2 Community’ Article

Mickie E Kennedy says, “Most of us have always known that an inextricable link existed between PR and SEO. Earning brand mentions and links from various websites—whether via guest blogging, earned media, etc.—has long been considered to be good for increasing your search engine presence. However, it wasn’t until very recently that we got actual confirmation and behind the scenes insight into how important PR truly is in SEO. Word came out recently that Google filed a patent giving greater insight into the role brand mentions, links, and implied links play in measuring a site’s... [...]

Make the second half of 2014 profitable #ad

Today is the start of the 3rd quarter of 2014 If your business isn’t where you want it to be, take positive steps to move it forward: 1. Set a “vital few” important goals. 2. Establish a game plan to reach those goals 3. Execute that plan and commit to seeing it through to the end. If you work the same way in the second half of the year that you did in the first half, your results are likely to be no better than you have already achieved. But if you want to make big things happen in the second half of the year, then check out this remarkable program from Gary Ryan Blair, known... [...]

’10 Quick Tips for Generating Leads From Twitter’ – HubSpot

Diana Urban says, “Twitter isn’t just for getting followers, retweets, and replies — it’s also a valuable marketing channel for generating qualified leads. But when you’re trying to generate leads on Twitter, your tweets have to be a little different than normal. With a few tweaks, your tweets can be transformed into lead generation machines — you just have to know what those little tweaks are. Recently, Twitter’s Anne Mercogliano and HubSpot’s Kipp Bodnar teamed up to share their top tips for generating leads on Twitter in just 25 minutes a day.... [...]

‘5 Critical Rules for SEO Success in 2014’ – ‘Website Magazine’ Article

Martin Laetsch says, “The major search engines win or lose market share by the quality of the results they deliver for searchers; this is why they continually fine-tune their algorithms to increase the quality of their organic results. Such constant evolution makes it challenging for marketers to keep their search engine marketing practices up-to-the-minute, but the payback is worth the effort. Companies implementing SEO best practices see significant gains in new customers, thought leadership perception, and customer satisfaction. Those taking shortcuts pay a steep price in lessened search... [...]

‘8 Ways YouTube Will Be Changing How You Create Videos’ – ‘ReadWrite’

Stephanie Chan says, “YouTube may face some challenges as it moves toward the mainstream, but it isn’t standing still on the technological side. Here are eight new tools for video creators YouTube execs Matthew Glotzbach and Oliver Heckmann—the site’s director of product management and VP of engineering, respectively—previewed at the unofficial YouTube convention VidCon last week. A few are available now, but most are are still coming attractions. Keep your eyes peeled, YouTubers. 1. Sound Effects YouTube’s Audio Library already featured hundreds of free songs; now... [...]

Jeff Walker’s “Launch” Selling Big on Amazon #ad

Jeff Walker‘s book, Launch was just released last week, and it’s already a bestseller on Amazon. In fact, it’s been #1 in lots of categories, including “Marketing and Sales”. For a limited time, Walker has announced that you can get a copy on Amazon (both Kindle and hard copy are available). Whichever you choose, you qualify for $291 in bonuses that Walker has selected. Walker reports that the bonuses he is making available are rather extraordinary, and they will only be available for a short time. Yesterday Amazon, itself, sent out a promotional email about Launch.... [...]

‘Twitter ‘Buy Now’ Button Appears for First Time’ – ‘Mashable’

Kurt Wagner says, “It looks like shopping within your Twitter Timeline isn’t far off. A new “Buy now” button appeared on multiple tweets Monday, all of which included products that link back to a shopping site called Fancy. The tweets were first discovered by tech-news site Recode, and the while the buttons appear in both the Timeline and expanded-tweet view, nothing happens when you actually click on the button. The button only appears on mobile, and doesn’t appear on Twitter’s web version”. Twitter ‘Buy Now’ Button Appears for First Time Mashable  [...]

‘Three ways for marketers to capitalize on live events’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

Matthew Kates says, “Summer is the season for live events like concerts, baseball games, music festivals and more. Previously seen as simply a one-way advertising opportunity, mobile’s ability to facilitate a conversation with consumers has transformed live events into a key component of cross-channel marketing efforts. This allows for consumers to become part of the event – whether in person or watching it on television. However, just like any program, a campaign built around a live event requires preparation that identifies goals and key messages to ensure it’s a measurable success”. Three... [...]

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