Anton Nadilo & Jon Shawcross are releasing a new WordPress plugin, called Compliance Bar, to add the needed legal (disclaimers, terms of service, privacy, etc.) pages to your website easily and quickly.

This new plugin goes live at 11 AM EDT today. It lets you quickly & easily assure that your business has a regulatory compliance safety net.

Now, with just a few clicks of a button, you can make sure you that you have your Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, the EU Cookie Law, all Disclosures, and more properly installed on your site.

Compliance Bar makes sure that every single legal requirement around the world is taken care of. This keeps your business safe, and and you can sleep at night, once more.

You have only 48 hours after launch before the price goes up.

Nadillo and Shawcross have agreed to temporarily freeze the initial launch price, but only for 48 hours. DUring this freeze, you can get a single-site license for just $27_ and a _multi-site license for only $37.

After that, Compliance Bar goes on a dime sale so the price will start rising, up to almost twice the initial price.

If your site isn’t in compliance with the governmental regulations, it can be shut down without a chnace to correct it first. This can make a site worthless until it is brought into compliance. Any income for that period is lost.

Don’t let that happen to your site. Get your up-to-date legal pages plugin here: Compliance Bar.

To make this the best deal possible, IM NewsWatch has arranged some powerful bonuses for your business when you buy these legal pages through our link:

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Don’t delay. Get your up-to-date legal pages plugin and all your bonuses here: Compliance Bar.

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