The Local Domain Empire course is based on Gene Pimental‘s real experiences as a professional “domainer” (i.e., a person who buys domains to sell to others) and also based on the knowledge gleaned from others who have been selling local domain names for years.

Local domain names are attractive to local businesses, and will continue to be for years to come as businesses recognize the need to compete online. You can sell the domain name itself with no website built for that name (Pimental did that many times), or you can earn a higher sale price by building a website for the domain name. Or if you prefer, you can rent the website to a local business.

In Local Domain Empire, Pimental shares the whole process he uses to
• Find a domain with lots of profit potential,
• Build a simple website that attracts local businesses interested in getting it from you,
• Sell “without real selling”. This opens the field to many people who are not interested in being a typical sales person.
• Many other steps in the process.

He goes into a lot of detail. For example, in the module on selling your domain, he explains where to list, how to collect payments risk-free, and the choice betweeen selling and renting.

Local Domain Empire was born from Pimental’s own experimentation and his 10-year history of buying and selling domains. The niche-specific websites he shows you how to build in this system have two main purposes:
1) To be extremely appealing to “brick & mortar” businesses.
2) To be extremely quick and effortless to set up.

In about 90 seconds, depending on your internet connection speed, you can have a gorgeous fully functional website installed. The proprietary dashboard built into each website makes it surprisingly easy to customize the site by simply filling in a few simple fields and clicking a few options.

People who have extensively tested building these sites have been complimentary of the simplicity of this approach.

Pimental says that the process outlined in Local Domain Empire can earn you a good full-time income.

Check out all the details of this video-based training (and the 3 done-for-you websites) here: Local Domain Empire.

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