Millions of people suffer from tinnitus, often called “ringing in the ears”. It’s a disease that plagues many, many people.

For many, the noise in their ears “drives them nuts.” They would do anything for improvement. And they would reward the person who helps.

There’s a high-converting product on Clickbank that addresses the tinnitus problem, called Tinnitus Miracle®. Now, Kevin Byrne has put together a Tinnitus Miracle affiliate promo pack for affiliates who want to enter this profitable niche.

Checking the Clickbank stats for this product shows you:
• It has gravity of 83.46.
• It offers a commission of $29.95 on the initial sale, and up to $48/sale if people buy upgrades.
• It is a $37 dollar product so you are receiving over a 75.0% commission.
• It is the top-selling tinnitus product on Clickbank

Byrne’s Tinnitus Miracle affiliate promo pack is a complete kit to help you build a tinnitus affiliate business selling Tinnitus Miracle.

In this package of promotional information, Byrne includes:
1. A list of related keywords
2. A list of available related domain names
3. header graphics
4. Required site pages (for compliance with Google and regulations)
5. A starter pack of tinnitus articles
6. Training on how to build your affiliate business using this package of promotional content.

And he is including a developer’s license to all this material. Build and sell as many tinnitus sites as you wish.

And it’s all available for under $10 here: Tinnitus Miracle affiliate promo pack.

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