Cyril Gupta and his partner, Todd Gross, have another big hit on their hands. In the first day on the market, it sold over 1500 copies. “Why should I care?” you ask?

If you have ever wanted to take advantage of the power of video blogs, with Video Jeet it becomes not just possible but practical.

And in their introductory sale, you can get it at a sizeable discount, too good to pass up if you need software like this.

Video Jeet is Windows desktop software that “curates” video content for any niche or keyword you choose.

It is surprisingly easy to use, but it is also clever enough to automatically find the best videos related to your niche and pull them into your blog.

This lets you become an editor, instead of a writer. You can choose which videos are worthy of inclusion in your site, just as a librarian chooses books or a museum director chooses artifacts.

But if you choose, you can put Video Jeet on autopilot, and it will make the choices for you and post videoa to your site automatically.

Even better, with Video Jeet, you aren’t limited to WordPress blogs. No, you can also use Google’s own Blogging service, Blogger. Google makes it available to you for free. And it has a second advantage: it tends to have good ratings in the search results.

This way, you may get visitors without having to advertise or spend money on hosting.

As your videos get posted, manually or automatically, Video Jeet even sends notifications to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

And the cost of all this power is less than a family dinner at McDonalds.

Here’s the downside. Video Jeet is only available for purchase for less than two more weeks, and then it will be taken off the market. Even if it is ever sold again, don’t expect the introductory price will ever be available again.

Get it before the price goes up, and before it goes away for good: Video Jeet.

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