Matt Bush has been a marketing consultant for local businesses for five years. He knows how to attract clients to his consulting firm.

One way, perhaps the best way, to get their attention is to show them your capabilities in action so they can see what you can do for them before they buy.

You need a way to demonstrate what you can do for a business. Making your own site a model for what you can do for their site is an obvious approach.

One thing local businesses want is a website that goes beyond the ordinary. Haing classy videos on their site can give them the edge they need to win in their local market.

Now, Bush has just released volume 1 of his new series of Local Whiteboard Videos.

You can sell these videos to your local clients to make their sites extraordinary. This package of videos consists of 4 videos, each tailored to a particular business trade:
• Plumber
• Handyman/Home Improvement
• Dentist
• Locksmith

Put them on a demo site. Offer them to several local businesses, with the warning that only the first to sign up will get the video on their own site.

Plus, you get 4 matching consultant’s withboard videos advertising your video services.This makes your own site stand out for easier merchant sign-ups.

And the whole package of 8 videos is under $1 each (but Bush says it will rise.) Don’t wait; get them here: Local Whiteboard Video Producer.

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