IM NewsWatch has taken The Online Marketer’s Toolbox to The Proving Ground. This a report of our findings.

The author, Forrest Smyth has spent quite a while writing and, now, revising and updating, Online Entrepreneur’s Toolbox.

This is a 30-page review of many tools and services (including many free ones) that are aids for online marketers. His review is, of course, based on his own experience. This has the value of being first-hand knowledge. It also has the limitation of being first-hand knowledge. He didn’t have the resources to, and doesn’t claim to, do a large-scale, double-blind, scientific study. As such, other people may differ with some of his conclusions, based on their own, contrary, experience. Indeed, this reviewer’s experience led to one demurral.

Nevertheless, his research is detailed and his recommendations are well thought out. Any reader, even the most experienced, will find some new insight of value in Online Entrepreneur’s Toolbox.


The breadth of his reviews is striking. He does cover hosting and domain names, which lie at the heart of online marketing, but he includes reviews in many other areas, too. In fact, he includes reviews in a long list or areas:
• Web Hosting
Domain Name Registration
• Auto-Responders
• Shopping Carts/Payment Processors
• SEO Tools
• Ad Tracking / Link Tracking
• WordPress Themes
• WordPress Plugins
• Membership Site Software
• HTML Editor
• Done For You List Building Solutions
• Webinars
• Outsourcing
• Graphics & Photo Editing
• Screen Recording & Video Editing
• File Sharing, Sync & Backup
• FTP – File Transfer
• Productivity & Information Management
• Personal Development & Goal Setting

The Table of Contents for this e-book is hot-linked to the chapters, so you can quickly go to the information you need.

If you are wondering what solution to choose in any of these areas, Online Entrepreneur’s Toolbox may be the advice you need.

The verdict: IMNW Approved

Please Note: This is intended to be an unbiased review. Nevertheless, IM NewsWatch may receive a commission if you buy using the link in this article.

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