The latest post on ‘Mashable’ is titled “Finally, a Real Business Use for Google Glass”.

Chris Taylor says, “Google Glass may be great for taking videos on the fly, and getting directions without bumping into people on the street. Beyond that, the wearable device has become something of a tired novelty, thanks to widespread privacy concerns and an array of self-aggrandizing characters in the Glass Explorer program. (Even reliable tech booster Robert Scoble has declared he’s no longer interested in using Glass.)

But there’s surprisingly good news for Google in that most mundane of business environments: the warehouse.

An e-fulfillment company in the Netherlands called Active Ants, which ships products for 50 online stores, gave Google Glass to its stock pickers. They’re the guys who take stuff off the warehouse shelves, check it off an inventory list and ready it for shipping”.

Finally, a Real Business Use for Google Glass


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