The latest software from Chris Munch is Hook Pages, a tool to build the popularity of your website using great content.

The key to hook pages is something Munch calls “pillar content”. His sales page has a video that explains what he means in detail.

But, in summary, “Pillar Content” refers to high-quality content that conveys the theme of your site. These are the posts that people share with their friends. And people will know what kind of content to expect when they come back.

Creating pillar content is beneficial for increasing the visitor count for your site, as well as the length of time a visitor stays on your site.

And, if you choose, this can be done without creating brand new content yourself. With the help of Hook Pages, you can curate content from elsewhere.

There are many ways to use the pillar content you create or curate. For example, how about
1. Getting leads
2. Getting Facebook fans
3. Selling products or services (either your own or affiliate products)
4. Even flipping the site that has this pillar content on it, and lots more

Hook Pages is a new WordPress plugin that automates a lot of the work involved in creating pillar content.

Its users have found that the pillar content this plugin generates can drive lots of traffic, even in some very competitive niches, such as healthy eating.

You get this traffic at no cost; it’s organic, and it’s “white hat” from start to finish. And if you want to save time in building this content and getting this traffic, Hook Pages

Watch the introductory video and get your own copy of Hook Pages today, before the price rises.

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