It seems that every news organization is mentioning Twitter on their broadcast. And every local government is using Twitter to send out emergency messages about school closings and other local events.

In addition, many of the top consumer brands are using Twitter to bring prospects to their websites, where their contact information can be captured. If these wide-spread adoptions of Twitter communication are any guide, it would be wise to turn your own attention to Twitter, too.

Twitter continues to grow in users and in traffic. And, it is a generator of free traffic for any marketer who uses it wisely. Wise use requires a strategy based on Twitter’s unique features. When you tailor your Twitter marketing to its special characteristics, you can see a marketing advantage over your competitors.

Tweetpressr software was just announced. It helps you take advantage of Twitter’s unique benefits and do it automatically. It turns RSS feeds and Reddit feeds into retweeting feeds into your Twitter account.

It’s flexible so it can meet your needs. For example, it creates retweets based on:
• #hashtags
• @names
• keywords
and you can choose these keywords, etc., to be tightly focused on your niche.

Tweetpressr lets you build as many of these feeds as you need.

Rev up your Twitter marketing. Get this new software here: Tweetpressr.

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