Martin O’Flynn (aka MAO Flynn) has been studying what it takes to get a YouTube video to rank highly. It used to be easier than it is now.

It used to be that you could rank your videos by looking at the top videos in your niche, seeing what tags and keywords they were using, and copy them. You would rank at or near the top, too.

Google decided you needed to work harder to esrn your ranking, so it hid the information marketers were using to improve their ranking, so now we are on our own, trying to guess what Google likes.

O’Flynn has come to our aid with his new Tube Digger Pro software.

This new software gives you the critical ranking information that Google used to provide.

This software gives you all the competitive information about other videos in your niche that you could imagine:
• Finds the videos that are at the top for the keywords you specify and analyzes them
• Instantly shows you the Page Rank of the top videos, along with their ratings, likes and dislikes
• Shows you the video’s tags
• Pulls out of Google’s database all the tags your top competitors are using, as well as the link in their description boxes
• Gives you the number of views that number of “favorite” votes, and the date of publication for each
• And a lot more, besides.

Tube Digger Pro will save you time because it helps you avoid guess work when ranking your videos.

Use it for your own videos or offer your SEO services to clients. This software is so quick, you can handle several clients a day.

As an unusual feature, you can use this software on any number of your computers and your employee (or virtual assistant) computers.

You can’t afford to ignore YouTube if you are serious about your business. This software assures that you take advantage of every edge you can find over competitive videos.

Get it here: Tube Digger Pro.

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