Craig Crawford, JF Garsula and Simon Greenhalgh have put together a package of marketing graphics that would make any small business marketer salivate.

TheirGFX Apocalypse package has colorful, professionally-designed graphics of all kinds:
• 72 Banner Ad Designs
• 156 Business Character Vector Designs
• 48 Discount Sticker designs
• 30 Facebook Banner Ad Designs
• 90 Facebook Timeline Cover Designs

That’s enough to give you an idea of what’s included in GFX Apocalypse. There are logos, guarantee stickers, buttons, price tags, and lots more designs.

And to help manage these graphics, they include a WordPress plugin that makes it simple to find the graphic you want and use it on your site, saving you time on every page or post you create.

For about 24 hours, they are offering the entire package for $19. After 11 AM EDT, Thursday, the price will start rising. So for the best price don’t delay.

And until 11 AM EDT today, they have a basket of extra bonuses, including more graphics

Scan though the hundreds of graphics and then get your copy here: GFX Apocalypse.

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