The latest article on ‘Business 2 Community’ is titled “5 Undeniable Benefits Of Social Media That Businesses Are Not Maximizing”.

Matthew Kobach says, “Clearly social media is important. But unless you know why social media is important, then you will fail to maximize its potential as an effective sales tool. 

1. It properly reflects your business/brand
Your company’s social media is a reflection of the company itself. Thus, you want to make certain that your social media accurately portrays your company and the brand. All too many businesses fail to develop a social media marketing strategy, or hand over their social media to unqualified employees/interns (for the record, having a lot of Facebook friends or really liking Instagram does not qualify someone as capable of designing and executing a social media marketing strategy). Instead, a professional tone is best created through a well thought out and executed social media marketing plan. This includes knowing what you will post ahead of time, and the creation of professional looking content”.

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