Even if you don’t already publish Android apps, you have probably heard they can be quite lucrative and may be thinking of trying your hand to get in on the many sales occurring daily How lucrative your apps are depends, of course, on how many people buy. And that depends on how many people are exposed to your promotions.

Now, AppExposure Pro helps you build the buzz for your app and drive more traffic to the app store to buy it.

It does this by loading your app description to dozens of:
• App review sites,
• App directories and
• App search engines

And it does it all automatically, including solving CAPTCHAs.

AppExposure Pro is Windows software that has a database of 90 websites that publicize apps (the advanced version has 115). You decide which ones you want to use in your publicity, and then AppExposure Pro lets you manage all of your agent or developer account profiles and all your applications from its control panel.

It will create your accounts on these publicity sites and post your information for new or upgraded apps. This way anyone interested in downloading apps will likely hear about yours. Your news will be spread far and wide, leaving your competitors without such a powerful tool wondering what happened.

If you are serious about your app business, this will give you a boost. It’s probably too expensive for a halfhearted app publisher/marketer. However, there’s one more important consideration:
You can download this software free to see how it operates and decide if it could help your app business thrive. Your download is the complete working software, except it doesn’t actually do the 90 submits.

Download a copy to your PC (or your Mac running Parallels). Try it out. Maybe it will be just what you need. Get it here: AppExposure Pro.

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