Website Magazine is hosting a webinar on Tuesday, May 20 at 2.00 pm ET. The topic of the webinar is “SEO in 2014: Fact, Fiction and Sensationalism”.

The WM team says, “With search optimization now a regular part of the marketing equation, businesses are increasingly reliant on incoming search traffic to support growth goals. SEO is more important than ever, and Google’s recent algorithm updates have caused a flurry of speculation, joy, and panic! Separate SEO fact, fiction, and sensationalism – Join Kaila Strong, Senior Director of SEO Services at Vertical Measures for a deep dive into SEO in 2014. She’ll discuss common myths, tactics you should adopt, and penalties to avoid.

This session will cover:

  • 2014 Google Algorithm updates
  • Common myths
  • Reactions to major SEO changes (and overreactions)
  • How to look at SEO going forward“.

Webinar Details

Organizer:  Website Magazine

Topic: SEO in 2014: Fact, Fiction and Sensationalism

Day/Date: Tuesday, May 20

Time: 2.00 pm ET – Time Zone Converter

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‘SEO in 2014: Fact, Fiction and Sensationalism’ Webinar

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