The latest article on Return Path blog is titled “Return Path’s New Email Diagnostic Solution Helps Brands Reach Gmail Inboxes”.

Return Path team says, “Return Path, the global leader in email intelligence, today announced a new analytical solution that helps email marketers combat declining inbox placement at major mailbox providers, including Gmail. Now part of its Inbox Monitor product, Return Path’s diagnostic technology addresses the evolving deliverability challenges posed by individual major mailbox providers. The new solution was developed to help marketers understand the increasingly unique approaches developed by different providers like Gmail to assess email messages as either valuable or spam.

By evaluating more than 50 distinct elements that influence inbox placement, Inbox Monitor delivers an assessment of how a sender’s email program performs within individual mailbox providers’ environments and issues prioritized recommendations to improve that performance. The goal is to provide marketers with the ability to adjust to one provider’s preferences without hurting performance with other providers“.

Return Path’s New Email Diagnostic Solution Helps Brands Reach Gmail Inboxes

Return Path

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