The latest article on ‘Business 2 Community’ is titled “13 Useful Tips for Integrating Email Marketing and Social Media”.

Genia Stevens says, “Besides the obvious stuff, like adding social media icons in the header and footer of your email template, testing subject lines and tracking your success, there’s a lot more that digital marketers can do to increase their email marketing campaign’s likelihood of success.

Before you craft your next email marketing piece, take some time to re-evaluate your email marketing strategy.  Do you even have a strategy?  Is it written down?  Does it include a content plan?  Does it include a delivery schedule?   For the savvy email marketer, these questions might seem elementary; however, there are far too many senior level digital marketers who don’t have an actual strategy in place and they’re basically winging it and praying for the best outcome possible.  That’s definitely a recipe for disaster“.

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