Dr. Amit Pareek is well-known for his resale products, with complete selling tools. Today he releases Mobile Apps Business In a Box to put you in the Mobile App business (or in the business of helping people get nto the mobile app business.)

The mobile app business is big (actually, very big) business. iPad apps and Android apps are big sellers. If you don’t know how to make them, Dr. Pareek wants to show you how.

Besides the apps sold directly to individuals, a lot of businesses want to buy an app to give to their customers so they can communicate with them. It could be a daily specials app for a restaurant, or a car inventory app for a dealer. Any marketer could find a use for an app to showcase products or services.

You could build these apps for yourself or your clients. For most of us, we might want to outsource the programming work, but that’s not where the major money is made. The money is in the selling of the apps. If you see a need for an app, the programming can be done for a low cost. Then it often can be sold for a significant profit.

Dr. Pareek will make this Mobile Apps Business In a Box available at 11 AM EDT. He usually only keeps the offer open for a few days, so if it appeals to you, don’t wait.

You can get your copy here: Mobile Apps Business In a Box.

With Dr. Pareek’s consent, IM NewsWatch is offering an amazing bonus, consisting of 59 related products. Far too many to list here, but we have listed all of them here: IM NewsWatch bonuses for Mobile Apps Business in a Box. All of them can be used yourself, plus you can sell them to other marketers. These bonus products include both software and training. You will download them (or whichever ones you want from among them, along with your main product. Get them all here: Mobile Apps Business In a Box.

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