James Brown reports that he has found that the taboo against “reciprocal links” is not valid. If the sites that link to you are quality sites, their links are beneficial, even if you also link to them.

In the first place, most traffic comes to most websites apart from Google. Google, itself, only claims that they account for 28% of a site’s traffic. So if high-value sites link to you, it’s almost entirely positive. Their customers make good candidates for your products and services.

In the second place, if Google likes a site, they will tend to like the sites that they link to. According to Brown, you aren’t likely to lose an appreciable stature in Google’s rankings from this arrangement.

Brown has just released Linktradr WP Plugin, a WordPress plugin to help you get backlinks from popular sites in your niche.

When you install and set up Linktradr WP Plugin, other webmasters and site visitors can find your link submission page, see that you are interested in backlinks and start the link exchange process.

The plugin creates the pages you need to automate link swaps on your site so other webmasters can submit their links to you for approval. Your only task is to approve or decline the link exchange requests.

This can replace hours of searching for suitable link exchange partners. Now, they can initiate the process themselves.

There’s a 7-day sale and the plugin is available in both a single-site version and a unlimited personal sites version.

You get get your own copy here: Linktradr WP Plugin.

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