Over the past 2 years the IM Wealth Builders have released 12 powerful WordPress plugins and themes that help marketers present their products and services in the most favorable light possible.

All of their products have cause a lot of buzz in the internet marketing world with over 55,000 copies being sold.

Friday, the IM Wealth Builders team released their newest WordPress plugin, Covert Context

Using this new plugin, your blogs can generate Amazon affiliate commissions on complete auto pilot. You set up the plugin so the ads make sense for your site (you select the keywords that will be turned into ads and, of course, you input your Amazon affiliate ID), and the plugin does the rest.

Covert Context will automatically insert high converting in-text contextual ads on all of your blog’s posts and pages (including posts and pages you built in the past.)

These ads link to the most relevant Amazon products using your affiliate links.

Covert Context will automatically add contextual in-text ads to any WordPress blog so you can earn Amazon commissions on complete auto pilot.

You can set it and forget it. It will continue building ads day after day without any further work by you.

Even better, the plugin is self optimizing. It constantly analyzes the results and shows the ads that bring in the most profits for you.

Right now, for a couple of days more, this new plugin is available at a special launch discount. Get your copy quickly because the price (currently about $20) is rising. Get it here: Covert Context.

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