The IM Wealth BuildersMarketing team of Cindy Battye, Soren Jordansen, and John Merrick have just released another of their Covert products, this one called Covert Context.

As with their earlier covert products, Covert Context is designed to place non-intrusive ads into your blog or website, “covert ads”, if you will.

It automatically places links to Amazon products when it finds an appropriate keyword to turn into a link.

Like most of their covert products, Covert Context is a WordPress plugin. It offers these capabilities:
• You get a super easy “set & forget” configuration process.
• You can set it up to work with any Amazon region, not just
• You select exactly which keywords you want to use for ads. (Then, on a particular page, the plugin randomly picks from your list).
• You can assign groups of keywords to specific Amazon categories (set up as many as you like.)
• The plugin is self-optimizing. It will gradually start using the best performing keywords more frequently.

With Covert Context, if you choose your keywords well, your ads are always relevant to the content they appear in, so the people reading then will not be disappointed when they click.

Amazon has products for any niche your can imagine, so whatever your site is about, you can monetize it with this plugin.

In fact, you are getting a developer’s license, so you can monetize hundreds of sites, for yourself and your clients, with this new plugin.

Get you copy quickly because the price is rising. Get it here: Covert Context.

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