The latest post on ‘Experian Marketing Forward’ Blog is titled “Top 5 tips for email remarketing”.

Liz Gould says, “Email remarketing is the practice of sending targeted emails to Website visitors based on their unique site behavior. It involves the use of behavioral data to target extremely relevant and timely email communications. The most common remarketing campaigns are abandoned shopping cart or form and site browse.

Below are our top 5 quick tips to consider for your remarketing campaigns:

  • Think outside the cart! If you have any process on your Website, such as a page with a form on it, that people abandon, you can send a remarketing email to follow up on that activity. For example, if I click through to an airline site and start filling out information about a flight and then leave, I can (and should) get a reminder email“.

Top 5 tips for email remarketing

‘Experian Marketing Forward’ Blog

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