Apps for mobile phones are big business. Apple’s iStore and Google’s Android store sell thousands of apps every day. You may have thought that you have to be a computer whiz to sell apps and earn a good living. But that’s no longer true.

Now, you can discover how to get apps built even if you don’t know a script from a DLL and then flip them to marketers who want to sell them to phone users. It’s all explained in Appsmoment Flipping Video Course..

This training is centered around 9 videos detailing the whole process of building and selling apps, from start to finish. You discover how to define an app that will sell to how to get your app built to where to find buyers (who want to sell the app at retail) and properly turn over the rights to your buyers.

Max Vysochanskyy, the creator of this training, has been practicing this process, once earning $700 for an app when he auctioned it to other marketers with only an hour or so to make the sale.

Max and his partner, Angela Allen are offering this training for only $14, for a limited time, here: Appsmoment Flipping Video Course.

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