One of the best profit producing promotional strategies that you can use in your business is a live webinar. They engage the attendees and the end result is more sales.

There is a wide range of solutions for the system to create and present webinars. On one end of the spectrum, there are nearly free solutions that don’t have very good support. On the other send, there are systems like Go2Webinar, that cost hundreds of dollars every month.

Big corporations can afford these expensive systems, but solo entrepreneurs usually cannot, especially when they are just starting out.

Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins have tackled the problem of giving the small business marketer and solo marketer a webinar solution that is as functionally rich as Go2Webinar, but is available at only a fraction of the cost. They call it WebinarJam.

Finlsaime and Jenkins know that running a successful live webinar that puts money in your bank account requires following a proven 4-phase blueprint. And they have incorporated these 4 phases in WebinarJam.

The first phase is Preparation. They aren’t referring to how you prepare your content or even your sales message . Instead, they are focused on the mechanics of running the live webinar itself (and marketing it.)

They contend that in the preparation phase you will need to decide how you will present your content. Your webinar service may allow you to run pre-recorded videos, PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, share your computer screen or even show yourself on a webcam. Depending on the circumstance all of them may be useful in a webinar.

You may want to start with a webcam view so your audience gets to see you. Following your introduction, you may want to switch to slides for your content presentation.

Consider which medium works best for your message. The customers in some niches respond best to a particular format.

For supporting a wide variety of presentation techniques, Google Hangout On Air is hard to beat. Consequently, Filsaime and Jenkins built WebinarJam as a “shell” on top of Google Hangouts. It takes advantage of Google’s strengths, and it adds features that Google does provide.

Hangouts are backed by Google and YouTube, so you don’t need to worry about servers crashing and recordings failing. And best of all- they are free

However, for marketers there are some serious problems with Hangouts. One of the biggest downsides is that you’re limited to just 10 participants. Of course any number can watch your live video, but there’s no way of interacting with them. This makes is difficult to run Q&A sessions, polls, or a group chat. And sharing a clickable link with them to purchase anything is out of question.

That’s a real limitation for marketers. This sort of interaction with attendees and active participation significantly boosts sales conversions and so is a must. That’s why many marketers pay the high prices and stay with the limited technology of other webinar software.

Thanks to Jenkins and Filsaime, WebinarJam includes the powerful marketing tools present in other webinar software to Google Hangouts.

And because it’s built on Google Hangouts, it’s way more affordable than other solutions.

Jenkins and Filsaime are holding training sessions to go into the details of what this new software can do. Check into their training and learn more about their software here: WebinarJam.

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