It’s true Bill Gates knew a little about programming, but Lou Gerstner didn’t, and he converted IBM from simply a hardware company into one of the mightiest software companies of the 20th century.

You can build your own software company, too, even if you have no technical skills. Management skills and marketing skills are more important for software companies than the technical skills. Technical skills can be hired from freelance programmers, but your management vision is what ultimately leads your company (software company or otherwise) to success.

Do you see a gap in the tools you wish you had in your business? If you describe the problem, IT specialists can create the software to solve it.

Charles Kirkland and Jason Parker have just released a blueprint for setting up your own software company and making it profitable, called The Software Formula.

You can build a software business, with their guidance, using only contract workers, hired from freelance sites. But Kinkland and Parker go beyond telling you how to do that. They even give you the contact information for programmers they have worked with and have been pleased with. That’s above and beyond the call of duty. Now, you don’t have to depend on trial and error to find a good programmer. They share their own good fortune with you.

In The Software Formula, you will discover:
• How to get a WordPress plugin built for around $100
• How to get software built with no up-front payment required
• How to come up with ideas for new software that will be popular
• How to price your software for the best revenue
• Where and how to sell your software
• Many other ideas for working with your IT specialists and for getting the software to market.

This is an opportunity ripe for picking. And it’s such a broad field. You don’t have to limit your software to marketing tools. There are hundreds of niches that need new tools. And there is a big market for game software.

On their sales page, Parker and Kirkland list over a dozen ways to profit, directly or indirectly, from your software. Whatever the rest of your business is, adding software to it can do good things.

This can be a business for just about anyone (they do mention that you need to know English since that’s the language used in most IT communications), regardless of technical skill level.

They deliver this training in a 99-minute instructional audio and a transcript. Plus a bonus webinar (which will be recorded if you can’t attend.)

The price is about $17 at the moment, although it is rising. You can get the complete story and get your own copy here: The Software Formula.

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